If you have become parents recently, you will definitely need a stroller. There are various kinds of strollers and each type has its own features. Some parents may like a stroller which is lightweight, others may like a stroller which has great wheels and others may prefer a stroller which has a plenty of storage.  You need to choose which one actually suits you. So we are going to talk about various types of strollers and help you to understand which type of stroller is perfect for you. So let’s talk about the various types of strollers.

top Stroller Brands

Top 4 Strollers In Market:

1.Umbrella Stroller:

Umbrella strollers are very lightweight and they are extremely easy to carry. Plus, these strollers are easy to fold.  This is why these strollers are excellent for short trips. You can take the stroller anywhere because it’s compact. They are usually less expensive and easy to buy. They don’t have much padding support and hence your baby’s age should be around six months. Because at that age your baby should be able to sit on his own.

2.Jogging stroller:

Just by hearing the name you can guess that this type of stroller is suitable for jogging. These strollers have three wheels and they are designed to steer on bumpy roads. They have tremendous maneuverability because more often than not these strollers have a front wheel which will swivel. So your baby will have a nice, smooth and safe ride. Plus, these types of strollers offer a lot of space. So you can carry a lot of necessary stuff like toys, milk bottles, sippy cups, and diapers. This is the best part of a jogging stroller. However, you should not jog with a baby who is under six months old.

3.Double stroller:

If you have twins (or more than just one kid), then this type stroller is perfect for you. There are different designs of a double stroller. Double strollers usually have two designs. Firstly there is tandem where one baby sits behind and the other sits in front. Secondly, there is another design where the kids sit side-by-side. You can even buy a double jogging stroller if you wish.

4.Frame stroller:

This type of stroller works with an infant car seat. You have to attach the car seat to the stroller and it’s done. From that point, you can use it. It’s very lightweight and easy to carry. Plus, folding it is ridiculously easy. But the downside is that you can only use it with an infant car seat. Once your baby grows up the stroller is practically useless. So if you want to use a baby stroller for a long type, then this type of stroller is not fit for you.

Baby stroller is somethig that most parents buy these days. When you buy a product, you want it to last for a long time. A baby stroller is no different. In order to buy a good product, you rely on a good brand. Because more of often than not good brands produce good products. Here are some of the good brands which have produced quality baby stroller-

Top Stroller Brands:


For over two decades Baby Trend has been producing products to make sure that your life becomes easier and comfortable. The company does their best to provide affordable products. The strollers they produce are just amazing. It was the very first company  to produce the Snap-N-Go™ and Sit N’ Stand™ strollers. You should know that both of thwm have won awards.


In 1994,  Roger Malinowski and Philip Novotny formed a partnership and established BOB and since then it has been magnificent. It is one of the trusted brands out there. The name of the company was Beast of Burden which was later shortened to BOB. One of the reasons why their stroller is so good is because of the wheels of the stroller.


Graco, another terrific brand that has been giving parents smart  baby products for over six decades. It is very popular because the strollers it produces are unique, easy to use and most importantly they are safe for the babies.


Born in U.S.A Joovy is a brand which brings awesome design concepts in baby product market. Joovy produces premium  baby products which are becoming popular day by day. The company’s  headquarters are in Dallas, TX and Irvine, CA. Plus, across 18 countries the company has international distribution partners.