Baby strollers have been subjected to withstand all kinds of hardships, for example, sand, mud, rain and countless meals on the wheels. Before it gets too cold or rainy, it is essential for parents to give their children strollers a thorough cleaning. This is an excellent way to preserve the condition and value and to avoid finding last year’s cheese and crackers in your stroller. Each stroller comes with an instruction booklet which has technical details, warranty information, and instructions for proper use. The hardest place to clean is the rain cover because of the material it is made from and is susceptible to wear and tear if handled carelessly.  You may have realized that sometimes the rain leaves nasty layers of dirt on the strollers’ covers. Here is everything one needs to know how to keep your stroller rain cover clean and in the best condition.

Stroller Rain Cover

How to Clean the rain cover?

Lay it out- to begin cleaning your stroller rain cover; you need to first choose an appropriate location. The place should be able to receive direct light and not be susceptible to objects falling on your dry stroller rain cover.

Clean off your cover- after laying out your stroller rain cover, it is now time to grab your hose and clean the debris or mud off your rain cover. What you need area sponge and soapy water, and you are ready to go. Just work your way from the middle of your rain cover to the sides so as to ensure that you clean all the debris off.  You should not use detergents as they contain optical brighteners which will make the stroller rain cover look unusually bright thus leading to discoloration.

Dry and store- once you have cleaned all the dirt off your stroller rain cover; it is now time to let it dry. you can quickly accomplish this, and we would advise you to clean the rain covers on a warm day so that it can dry fast and speedily. Once your stroller rain cover is clean and dry, neatly fold it back up and put it away. You are highly encouraged not to fold the cover before drying because it may get destroyed or torn out.


It is essential to learn on how to maintain the stroller rain cover so that it can adequately serve its purpose. One way to maintain the stroller is by avoiding prolonged exposure to sunlight. When the rain cover is exposed to the sun rays for a more extended period, it tends to fade or even wear out.  If the rain cover has a stain that is not coming off, do not bleach the whole rain cover. The effect of chlorine on rain covers is that it causes a bleaching effect or discoloration. You should also ensure that the metallic parts of the stroller are kept dry to avoid rust. Each moving part of the stroller must also be dust, mud or sand free as these are the worst enemies of moving parts. Use a light oil to clean the movable parts if necessary. It is essential to take care of your stroller for future use.

Learning on how to clean your stroller rain cover can make your overall parental experience more enjoyable. Having a clean rain cover can keep your stroller clean, dry and it will serve you for a long time since it is well maintained. The cleaning only involves water, soap, a little time and you are good to go. With these tips at your disposal, why not keep your stroller rain cover clean?